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France pushes for more technological collaboration and R&D with PH.

The French government is eager to work with the Philippines more closely on technology and innovation.

The French ambassador to the Philippines, Michèle Boccoz, stated that “now is the moment to embrace” new prospects to boost bilateral contacts as the two countries mark their 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations this year.

In her Bastille Day statement on Thursday at her house in Makati City, Boccoz said, “As the home of French-Tech and a highly innovative R&D (research and development) nation, we support dynamic projects in the field of technology and innovation, both in academe and in commercial development.”

According to the ambassador, the two countries have been working together to design electronic circuits, which helps build regional capabilities.

“These initiatives are backed by the French Tech network in 13 capital cities, including Manila,” she added. “This promotes encounters between entrepreneurs, investors, and engineers and helps to empower the Tech movement in the Philippines.

In the same speech, Boccoz also emphasized the expanding cooperation between the two countries in the fields of disaster risk reduction, agriculture, and defense and security.

According to her, defense and security cooperation have “steadily grown” due to more frequent military deployments between the Philippines and France, joint exercises, port visits, and the development of marine capabilities.

“The foundation of our Indo-Pacific strategy is the relationship we have with the Philippines. ” Indo-Pacific countries, our two countries have a great desire to uphold the rule of law, particularly the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea), “She stated. Our two neighboring nations have a common interest in conserving natural resources, notably fishing resources, and dealing with natural calamities.

The advent of non-traditional challenges like the pandemic, climate change, and food insecurity, according to Boccoz, also necessitates “even closer cooperation” between the two nations.

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