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After their second match against Covid-19, PBBM notes the success of their boosters.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has credited obtaining his booster dose for his minimal symptoms and speedy recovery from Covid-19.

In his most recent video blog, “BBM VLOG 219: Booster,” President Marcos updated his health following his second encounter with Covid-19 and thanked everyone who had sent him well wishes.

“Now comes the age of seclusion. I have no sintomas and my pakiramdam is mabuti-buti, according to Diyos’s awa. Unang-una, I’d want to extend my sincere gratitude to all of the people who have helped me with my pagbati and pangangamusta projects. By the grace of God, I am symptom-free and feeling better. First of all, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who sent their well wishes,” he remarked.

Marcos claimed that despite testing positive for Covid-19, he continued to work alone and used teleconference tools like Zoom to speak with his Cabinet and other authorities.

Even though I was isolated in a Zoom teleconference, the aforementioned meetings and briefings continued to be in the same language. May mga ganyang teknolohiya na ngayon mabuti na lang. Isa ito sa mga innovation pinahusay na rin ng pandemiya at bahagi na rin ng ating new normal. (Even if I had to separate myself, this week’s meetings and briefings were conducted using teleconferencing tools like Zoom. Thankfully, such technologies exist now. This is one of the advancements that the epidemic has made better but is also a part of our new normal),” he continued.

He urged Filipinos to get their Covid-19 booster doses, emphasizing that if he had not gotten his booster shot, his Covid-19 symptoms might have gotten worse.

To fully understand the significance of pagbabakuna and the booster injection, “Kukunin ko na rin ang pagkakataong ito. It is my goal to become more vaccinated, but I know that my motivation will be stronger if I don’t receive a vaccine or booster injection. I’ll also use this chance to stress how important vaccinations are, especially booster shots. This is my second encounter with Covid, but I believe I would have fared worse if it weren’t for the vaccine and booster shot,” he stated.

Marcos claimed that he only got a little fever and sore throat because he had already received his booster. Moreover, he claimed that the infection did not harm his lungs.

Vital booster doses for F2F classes

Marcos claimed that the government is still leading informational campaigns to get people to obtain booster shots, particularly the Departments of Health, the Interior, Local Government, and Education.

He added that having booster shots is essential for starting full-fledged face-to-face sessions again and reviving the economy.

“Due to the fact that you are already a mamili for our sariling kalusugan, there is no way that this can be isabatas. We don’t really need laws requiring vaccination because we have the freedom to make decisions about our health, but if it were, it would be more clear what the siyensa was saying, what the facts were, and what the words meant to be “babakuna.” But as time passes, it becomes increasingly obvious that vaccination significantly increases our chance of surviving Covid-19),” he stated.

The news that Marcos had tested positive for Covid-19 was released by Malacaang on July 8.

On July 13, the sixth day after he tested positive for the antigen Covid-19, Marcos was deemed clear of all symptoms.

Marcos presided during the oath-taking of Ambassador Manuel Antonio Teehankee as the Philippine Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization two days after being free of Covid-19 symptoms.

His most recent public appearance marked the conclusion of his required seven-day isolation following the acquisition of Covid-19.

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