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With Loyzaga leading DENR, the environment will see better days.

Under President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) accepted Ma. Antonia “Toni” Yulo-nomination Loyzaga’s to be its next secretary.

Ernesto D. Adobo Jr., the DENR OIC Secretary, expressed enthusiasm about Yulo-appointment Loyzaga’s because he sees a more climate-resilient Philippines under her leadership.

“The DENR family looks forward to the new Secretary’s leadership as the Department’s mandate is carried out effectively and efficiently. I anticipate brighter times for the environment and the Filipino people thanks to her knowledge and skills in disaster and climate resilience, said Adobo, who is also the DENR Undersecretary for Legal, Administrative, Human Resources, and Legislative Affairs, in a news release on Sunday.

He claimed that under the Task Force Build Back Better initiative, the last DENR administration finished with notable successes in its initiatives for managing solid waste, preserving biodiversity, rehabilitating Boracay Island and Manila Bay, and reopening badly silted waterways.

“We reassure the new Secretary of her support from beginning to end. According to Adobo, the effective execution of environmental legislation, policies, and projects under the next administration will be our joint goal.

Adobo emphasized that there are still many difficulties the environment must overcome, including disasters brought on by climate change, environmental pollution, illegal wildlife activity, and different problems with the land, mining, biodiversity loss, and forestry.

He claimed that everyone must contribute to the solution if these problems are to be solved, not simply the DENR with Yulo-Loyzaga as its new secretary.

On July 12, Trixie Cruz-Angeles, the DENR’s press secretary, made the nomination of Yulo-Loyzaga as its new leader official.

The National Resilience Council, Manila Observatory, Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines Command and General Staff College have all worked with and under the direction of Yulo-Loyzaga, who is known for her expertise in climate and disaster resilience.

Adobo stated that he is confident that climate actions will be strengthened and that the Philippines’ compliance with the Paris Agreement on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will be achieved, given the environmental expertise of Yulo-Loyzaga and President Marcos in prioritizing climate change issues.

As the next DENR Secretary, Yulo-Loyzaga has the responsibility of upholding the Agency’s mission, which is to conserve, manage, develop, and sustainably utilize the nation’s ecosystems and natural resources.

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