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It has been praised that Boracay is one of TIME’s 50 World’s Greatest Places.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) applauds TIME for included Boracay Island in their list of the 50 most incredible places to visit in 2022.

“The DOT expresses its delight and honor at Boracay Island’s continued success as a popular tourism destination. Such acknowledgment would undoubtedly assist us in achieving our objective of restoring our place in the worldwide market, “In a news release on Wednesday, tourism secretary Christina Garcia Frasco stated.

“The Philippines undoubtedly has a wide range of tourist destinations and activities that we could promote to the world. In addition to natural resources, we also look forward to fostering and promoting human talent as well as products with potential for domestic and international marketability “Added she.

On the list, Boracay Island is included with other well-known locations and natural wonders including the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Seoul in South Korea, and Doha in Qatar.

The island was shut down for six months in 2018 by the previous administration to create room for activities in repair and redevelopment.

The Philippines locked its borders after the virus hit, stopping all domestic travel to Boracay. The local economy suffered greatly, but on the bright side, this 4-square-mile speck in the Visayas island chain had adequate time to fully recover. After what was essentially a three-year convalescence, foreign tourists will be able to enjoy this renovated, recovered, natural playground starting in February 2022. Locals claim that flora and fauna, such as sea turtles, have returned, and hospitality has done so brilliantly, according to Charlie Campbell of TIME.

“We will make every effort to highlight not only the country’s top tourist destinations like Boracay, but also other places of interest in the country that may not have been given equal focus and attention in the past,” Secretary Frasco said in a statement. “We will do this through collaboration between the DOT central and regional offices, relevant national government agencies, the local government units, and the private sector.

TIME asked for suggestions from its global network of correspondents and contributors for the 50 World’s Greatest Places for 2022, emphasizing locations “that provide new and interesting experiences.”

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