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Local health insurance program unveiled in Bacolod City

The Bacolod City Comprehensive Health Insurance Program (BacCHIP) was introduced on Tuesday by the local government to improve the provision of healthcare services, particularly to low-income households.

The five-day medical mission for the city began at the same time as the launch in the Government Center lobby.

Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez stated, “I have urged the City Council to pass a law that would give adequate money for the BacCHIP.

The BacCHIP, one of the administration’s hallmark programs, offers a wide range of health services that every resident may use in the event of an emergency or medical crisis.

“At its core, it contains a feature that will address a long-standing issue that affects all citizens. The City Health Office stated in the program briefer that BacCHIP “should assuage the fear of every family who may be denied admittance in a health institution should they fail to submit an initial downpayment.”

The 61 barangay village chiefs received training from municipal health officer Dr. Ma. Carmela Gensoli on how to identify and register the first 50 impoverished beneficiaries from each village.

The local administration will collaborate with numerous private hospitals as part of the execution, with the technical working group crafting the partnership’s terms.

As part of his 100-day plan, Benitez stated that he wanted the BacCHIP established as soon as possible.
The mayor previously stated, “I have the commitment of our City Council to accelerate the approval of the enabling ordinances and the required funding to activate this initiative.

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