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Cases of acute gastroenteritis have increased 107 percent in Pangasinan.

Between January 1 and July 18 of this year, the Provincial Health Office (PHO) in the province of Pangasinan recorded 3,461 cases of acute gastroenteritis, a 107 percent increase over the 1,674 instances during the same time last year.

The majority of the patients, according to PHO director Dr. Anna Ma. Teresa de Guzman, in an interview on Tuesday, said they are children between the ages of one and four.

De Guzman ascribed this to poor sanitation, improper food preparation, and filthy water sources.

“Because they are young, their cleanliness, particularly their hands, may not have been impeccable. It could also be a result of improper food preparation or dirty feeding bottles. Additionally, their water source can be contaminated, she added.

Additionally, there were 19 occurrences of acute gastroenteritis-related deaths this year compared to 10 during the same time period previous year.

The patients’ final demise may have been caused by a delay in getting them to the hospitals. Given that acute gastroenteritis causes fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, parents should keep an eye out for dehydration in their children. They should not self-medicate, and they should seek emergency medical attention in hospitals if they exhibit dehydration-related symptoms like weakness or sunken eyes or a lack of tears when sobbing, according to de Guzman.

According to her, the PHO is advising the community and local governments to check their water supply to make sure it is safe for drinking.

She continued, “They should also make sure the water being used to prepare foods is clean, especially during this rainy season.

De Guzman also suggested that if the parents are worried about the security of the source of their drinking water, they should boil it for at least three minutes.

In addition, they might prepare oral first aid. They can make one liter of boiled drinking water with a tablespoon each of salt and sugar. But if their child exhibits symptoms of dehydration, it is crucial that parents take them to the hospital, the doctor advised.

According to De Guzman, hospitals run by the provincial government have a fast track for treating urgent cases of acute gastroenteritis.

In our hospitals, there is enough supply of IV fluids and medications, she claimed.

Umingan, Lingayen, Mangaldan, Malasiqui, Bolinao, San Carlos City, Binmaley, Pozorrubio, Alaminos City, and Dasol are the towns and cities that the PHO is keeping an eye on for severe gastroenteritis.

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