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DOT aids in promoting museums and supports the National Museum

At the Board of Trustees (BoT) meeting for the third quarter on Wednesday at the National Museum in Manila, Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco reaffirmed the department’s unwavering support for the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP).

Frasco thanked the board members at the meeting and offered the DOT’s aid in marketing and promoting museums around the nation as well as in the creation of tourism circuits for museums to increase public awareness of and access to these institutions.

“I hope that my physical presence here today conveys my intention to give the Department of Tourism’s full support to the National Museum of the Philippines and to all of your projects around the country. You can trust that I would be your ally in the Department of Tourism because I intended the support to be impliedly manifested by my physical presence, Frasco remarked.

NMP Chairperson Evangelina Lourdes Arroyo-Bernas, NMP Director General Jeremy Barns, Deputy Director for Museums Jorell M. Legazpi, and Board of Trustees members from the private sector Andoni M. Aboitiz, Dr. Jurgenne Primavera, and Dr. Rene R. Escalante were also present at the meeting. Other trustees and Senator Nancy Binay virtually attended the meeting as well.

The Education Secretary, the Chair of the House and Senate Tourism Committees, the Chair of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the Director-General of the National Museum, and eight members of the business sector made up the National Museum Board, which Frasco was a member of.

The NMP is charged with creating, running, and developing museums not just in Manila but also in other significant cities around the nation.

Former mayor of Liloan, Cebu, and supporter of culture and the arts, Frasco, added: “All of your efforts deserve to be highlighted and the general public needs to really know about all the activities, because granting access to all of these deserving endeavors would also benefit the museum and the public in general, in that we are able to provide mainstream access to all that the museums have to offer.”

She had already instructed DOT representatives to get in touch with municipal governments across the nation to equalize marketing and promotions. She continued by saying that this could likewise be done for the properties the NMP managed.

For the National Museum, Frasco said, “I hope to have a similar effort made because I will be very interested to explore how we can assist in increasing engagement for its endeavors.”

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