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Marcos and the DENR Director discuss environmental preservation initiatives.

To address programs aimed at preserving the environment, President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. met with Environment Secretary Maria Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga on Wednesday.

The images of Marcos’ meeting with Yulo-Loyzaga at the Malacanang Palace in Manila were released by the Office of the President (OP) on its official Facebook page.

According to the OP’s Facebook post, Marcos and Yulo-Loyzaga discussed environmental protection initiatives that would enable the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to carry out its responsibility to safeguard and conserve the environment.

“President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. met with the new DENR Secretary Ma. Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga to discuss topics concerning our environment,” according to the statement. “These topics included development, enhancement, up to restoration and regeneration of our natural resources, and digitizing databases and systems of the department.”

The gathering was conducted the day after Marcos swore in Yulo-Loyzaga as the new DENR director.

Yulo-responsibility Loyzaga as the next DENR Secretary is to uphold the agency’s mission, which calls for the conservation, management, development, and sustainable use of the nation’s ecosystems and natural resources.

Amidst urgent environmental challenges such as disasters brought on by climate change, environmental pollution, illegal wildlife activity, and different problems with land, mining, biodiversity loss, and forestry, Yulo-nomination Loyzaga’s was made.

The Office of the Press Secretary (OPS) claimed in a statement published on the Presidential Communications’ Facebook page that Marcos is certain Yulo-Loyzaga is the ideal candidate for the position.

According to the OPS, “The Chief Executive expressed his trust and confidence in the DENR chief, citing her tenure as chairperson of the International Advisory Board of the Manila Observatory will be vital in imagining the agenda of the government to address climate change and other environmental issues.”

Marcos promised the public on his official Facebook page that he would thoroughly evaluate the plans and strategies of the DENR and other offices and departments that fall under the Executive Branch.

He stated, “We will carefully analyze each plan, program, and policy to make sure that it is appropriate and meets the requirements of every Filipino.

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