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After Biden appears to indicate he has cancer, the White House clarifies.

US President Joe Biden appeared to imply on Wednesday that he has cancer. Still, the White House explained that he was referring to a skin cancer diagnosis that he received before becoming president, and that has since been treated.

Biden mentioned growing up adjacent to several oil refineries in his native state of Delaware while discussing climate change in the US state of Massachusetts. He said these facilities were to blame for the region’s ubiquitous pollution.

He underlined the need to move away from fossil fuels and said, “That’s why so many other people I grew up with and I have cancer, and why, for the longest time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation.”

According to White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, the president was talking about skin tumors that were removed prior to his taking office.

Before becoming president, Biden had “many localized, non-melanoma skin tumors excised,” according to a review of the president’s health published in November. It was also noted that there were no “areas suspicious for skin cancer at this time.”

It also said there was no need for biopsies.

Bates wrote on Twitter, “This is what the President was talking to.”

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