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Sugar producers are optimistic about PBBM’s proposal to buy fertilizer.

The Confederation of Sugar Producers Associations Inc. (Confed) is encouraged by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s initiative to address the skyrocketing cost of fertilizers.

Confed national president Raymond Montinola stated in a statement on Thursday that they support the Chief Executive’s proposal to consider a government-to-government (G2G) fertilizer purchase. The Chief Executive also serves as the country’s agriculture secretary.

In answer to the Department of Agriculture’s request made in August of last year, he added, “there is now a definite plan of action, and that is the importation of fertilizer under a G2G scheme.”

Montinola, who is based in this city, the seat of the main sugar-producing province of Negros Occidental, claimed that when fertilizer prices shot through the roof and more than doubled compared to the previous year’s level, they had a similar idea.

He claimed that Confed had supported the G2G program because it is a more dependable and cost-effective way to buy fertilizers.

Montinola is anticipating that the planned shipment of fertilizer will be carried out between September and October this year, thanks to the President’s personal participation.

According to the Confed CEO, early arrival will be crucial to achieving high productivity and generally addressing challenges related to food security.

We also hope that the fertilizers obtained through the G2G plan will be distributed to farmer-members more effectively through the sugar organizations, especially the small producers and agrarian reform recipients.

Confed had also lobbied to include farmers’ cooperatives and associations in the subsidy program to lessen the impact of high fertilizer costs and implement price controls on fertilizer.

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