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Child obesity rates in Davao City doubled in 2021.

As the number of fat children increased in this area, the City Health Office’s (CHO) Nutrition Division is improving the general health services it provides and the nutrition education campaigns it runs.

According to the CHO Nutrition Division, there were 585 instances of obesity in 2020 and 1,179 cases in 2021.

“The data decreased in 2019 but climbed once more in 2020. Communities, parents, and health professionals worked together to reduce the prevalence of obesity, but the pandemic caused it to rise once more, according to Elizabeth Banzon, chief of the CHO nutrition division.

However, she continued, “our nutrition and other associated programs remain effective.”

The prevalence of severe underweight in the city grew slightly from 0.43 percent, or 782 children, in 2020 to 0.45 percent, or 789 children, in 2021.

In order to take advantage of free health treatments for children, especially now that limitations have loosened, Banzon recommended the parents of unsuitable children to go to the local barangay or district health clinics.

“We are urging even the expecting parents to visit the health facilities because children’s health and nutrition should be nurtured during pregnancy,” she said.

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