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🌿 Mober Accelerates Green Logistics Revolution with PHP350M Investment Injection! 🌐

πŸš› Get ready for a logistics revolution! Mober, the Philippine EV startup, is set to drive innovation in green logistics with a whopping PHP350M investment from Clime Capital! πŸ’‘


Philippine EV startup Mober drives innovation in green logistics with PHP350M Clime Capital investment

Manila, Philippines β€” Mober, a frontrunner in green logistics services in the Philippines, has garnered an investment of up to US$6 million, or around PHP 350 million, from the South East Asia Clean Energy Facility II (SEACEF II), managed by Clime Capital, a Singapore-based fund manager focused on accelerating the low-carbon transition. This new funding, through both equity and convertible notes, will bolster Mober’s fleet of electric vehicles to 238 and help establish a new 3,000 sqm charging facility by early 2025.

Leading the charge in sustainable logistics, Mober serves top-tier clients like IKEA, Kuehne+Nagel, Nespresso, Monde Nissin, Nestle, Maersk, and SM Appliance Center with a fleet that is entirely electric. The company is also enhancing its technological edge with the development of a cutting-edge Battery Management System (BMS) to increase the efficiency and lifespan of its EVs.

To support its long-haul operations, Mober will strategically place pocket charging points across Luzon’s northern and southern regions. The company sources its EVs directly from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), tailoring each vehicle to specific operational requirements to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Dennis Ng, CEO of Mober, stated, β€œNot all funding is created equal. Having Clime Capital as an investor adds significant credibility to Mober and solidifies our commitment to sustainability. This partnership not only enhances our reputation but also accelerates our progress toward achieving our ambitious sustainability goals. We are deeply thankful to Mason and Joshua for their trust and commitment to our vision.”

In addition to its environmental initiatives, Mober is committed to fostering inclusivity by training female drivers and assemblers, underscoring the company’s dedication to workforce diversity. Mober also takes pride in its EV drivers, known as Green Delivery Specialists (GDS), who exemplify the company’s commitment to high standards of service and sustainability.

Joshua Kramer, Chief Investment Officer at Clime Capital, said, β€œWe are delighted to provide much-needed capital in this first-of-a-kind EV investment in the Philippines. Clime Capital’s blended finance model enables clean-energy entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to achieve financial sustainability while also generating positive environmental impacts.” 

Mason Wallick, Chief Operating Officer at Clime Capital, said, β€œMober’s ambition to provide fully electric B2B delivery services is a compelling example of a first-mover business that can accelerate the low carbon transition through our strategic investment. Clime Capital’s purpose is to help these businesses accelerate their growth.” 



Established in July 2015, Mober is a pioneering force driving the transition to green deliveries in the Philippines. With a focus on assisting businesses in decarbonizing their delivery processes, Mober offers seamless solutions without the burdensome upfront costs. Through constant innovation and dedication, Mober champions a future where business meets sustainability. By being the largest operator of EV delivery in Southeast Asia, Mober has become the leading green logistics delivery provider in the region.

For further information, visit: https://www.mober.ph 


Clime Capital Management Pte. Ltd. (Clime Capital) is a Singapore-headquartered fund management company registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Clime Capital is the manager of SEACEF I and SEACEF II. The Clime Capital team comprises senior professionals with deep Southeast Asian market experience in clean energy investments and developments. The team brings a diversified skill set in early-stage project funding and development, investment and portfolio management, project finance, design and engineering, operations, and environmental safeguards. Clime Capital has an on-the-ground presence in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Find out more at https://www.climecap.com/.


  • Mober’s latest investment echoes the thriving startup ecosystem in the Philippines. According to the Philippines Venture Capital Report 2024, local startups raised $956 million in 2023, demonstrating impressive resilience despite global economic challenges.
  • Mober’s latest milestone underscores the flourishing EV industry in the Philippines. The country has attracted significant interest from key EV players in the region due to increasing EV ownership. Currently, over 16,000 EV units, including hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and battery electric vehicles (BEVs), are on Philippine roads. 
  • Mober started in 2015 and was initially designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) solve their on-demand logistical needs. Eight years later, it has now become a business-to-business (B2B) platform facilitating sustainable delivery for some of the Philippines’ retail giants such as IKEA Philippines, SM Appliance Center, Unilever Philippines, Nestle Philippines, and Nespresso, as well as renowned logistics companies Maersk and Kuehne+Nagel. 
  • Aligning with the progressive mandates of the Electric Vehicles and Charging Systems (EVIDA) Act, Mober’s initiatives underscore the Philippines’ assertive stance on eco-driven policies and endeavors. With Mober’s pioneering approach, businesses have a definitive roadmap to swiftly decarbonize their last and mid-mile delivery systems, heralding a new era in business sustainability.
  • Aside from its fleet expansion and infrastructure goals, Mober also announced early this year that it developed its sophisticated Transport Management System (TMS), which optimizes its fleet’s route planning and delivery schedules, contributing to better resource management and significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon output.


Mober, the Philippine EV startup, is driving innovation in green logistics with a significant PHP350M investment from Clime Capital. This investment marks a milestone in the transformation of the Philippine EV scene and the advancement of sustainable transport solutions. With a focus on green technology and environmental impact, Mober is poised to revolutionize the logistics landscape, providing efficient and eco-friendly transport solutions for a greener future. The partnership with Clime Capital underscores Mober’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, positioning it as a key player in the global shift towards environmentally friendly transportation.

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