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19K cases per day by August 31 if poor vaccination and booster rates persist.

The Department of Health (DOH) reported on Tuesday that the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases at the national level is expected to continue to rise, with an estimated 19,306 infections each day by August 31.

The forecast is anticipated if Covid-19 vaccination and booster coverage, and adherence to public health standards do not increase, the DOH stated in a Viber message to media.

The MPHS (Minimum Public Health Standards) compliance and increased rates of vaccination and booster shots, however, could result in a slower and more controlled case increase by the end of August, with an estimated 6,194 to 8,346 cases, according to the DOH. “We would like to underline the greater focus we have on admission and hospital utilization rates,” the statement reads. “While we do examine Covid-19 case statistics in calculating an area’s alert level.

The government reassured the public that because of advancements in Covid-19 treatment and the availability of vaccines to battle severe and critical sickness, the nation has the potential to decrease the vulnerable population and maintain hospital occupancy and fatalities to a low.

In order to minimize the spread of diseases, it also asked the public to continue donning face masks that fit them best, to keep their distance from one another physically, to be vaccinated, as well as to get booster shots.

For the week of July 18 to 24, the DOH recorded a Monday increase in daily cases of 33 percent. From July 11 to July 17, there were 2,091 instances per day. Last week, there were 2,791 cases everyday.

The Covid-19 statistics have increased by about 14,640 new cases and one confirmed fatality in the last week.

As of now, 71,546,355 people, or 91.61 percent of the target population (78,100,578), have received all recommended vaccinations.

15,934,251 people had received booster doses as of July 17.

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