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Airlines support Marcos’ intention to construct more international airports.

Local carriers praised President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s intention to expand international airports and modernize existing ones on Monday.

Marcos said that by doing this, connectivity to key locations will be improved in his first State of the Nation Address. Additionally, this would aid in relieving congestion at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the nation’s principal entry point.

“Good news for airlines, indeed! We anticipate improved airports because they would increase traveler convenience and enjoyment, “Carmina Romero, a representative for Cebu Pacific (CEB), said to the Philippine News Agency.

The CEB’s chief commercial officer, Xander Lao, voiced optimism earlier this month that the Marcos administration will maintain funding for airport improvements as well as for air traffic controller training.

In order to accommodate more aircraft into and out of the nation, he said, “we need to improve the capacity.”

The chief operating officer of Philippine Airlines, Stanley Ng, concurred with Marcos in a statement that the development of additional international airports will aid in achieving tourism goals and spur economic growth that will lead to job possibilities in the aviation and tourism sectors.

“These economic advantages will spread into nearby villages with the aid of new access routes. As stakeholders in the business, we applaud and support the ideas President Marcos announced in his SONA, “said he.

AirAsia Philippines, a low-cost carrier, stated that it supports the administration’s aim for better, dependable, and safe air travel through infrastructure development, notably the upgrading of current airports and the construction of new ones.

As it serves more Filipino tourists and expatriate Filipino employees, the airline stated it would continue to be aggressive and competitive in domestic and international air travel as well as cargo.

“The Marcos administration can expect AirAsia to support its strategy by adhering to the highest standards of safety in all of its flights and facilitate fleet and route expansion to meet the rising demand for passenger and freight traffic in the many provinces,” he continued.

A-fest (AirAsia Fiesta), which, according to Dailisan, aggressively promotes the many celebrations across the nation, is one of the initiatives the airline will use to strategically collaborate with stakeholders in support of the administration’s mission.

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