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Bacolod City has a three-pronged approach to providing healthcare.

The Bacolod City Comprehensive Health Program is a three-pronged program offered by the local government to improve the delivery of health care (BacCHP).

Based on Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez’s Executive Order 11, series of 2022, the program will emphasize the preventive, promotive, and curative components of addressing unfairness in the current system.

Residents have started signing up for the program through their barangay as of Wednesday.

Benitez reaffirmed his pledge from the campaign to enhance the provision of healthcare services by giving the largest budget in the city for health and creating the BacCHP.

He stated in a statement that “(The) BacCHP contains extra characteristics as it aspires to assure the implementation of an integrated health care system that covers preventative, promotive, and curative health care coverage.”

A member can access annual medical exams and e-consultations through preventive health care services by presenting the BacCHP Family Health card to the barangay health station that has been assigned to him or her.

A member has the right to complimentary medications and laboratory services provided by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation’s Konsulta Program.

Within the scope of the promotional services component, the City Health Office (CHO) will also improve current health programs.

The barangay health workers, barangay nutritionists, Office of Senior Citizens’ Affairs, and other sectors representing the many communities in the city will administer the programs.

A patient will be evaluated by the doctor assigned to his or her barangay in the process of providing curative health care, and a request will then be made to the CHO for approval. It will be delivered to the BacCHP office once approved.

As soon as a hospital with BacCHP beds becomes available, the office will coordinate and refer the patient there to receive the care they need.

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