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After finding monkeypox, Palace declares that DOH is in control of the matter.

On Friday, Malacanang expressed concern at the discovery of the country’s first case of monkeypox.

In a news briefing at the palace, press secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles stated, “This is not very fatal but it is of concern.”

This comes after the Department of Health (DOH) reported the first instance of monkeypox in the nation, which involved a 31-year-old Filipino who had been abroad on July 19.

DOH officer-in-charge (OIC) Undersecretary for Public Health Services Team Beverly Ho reported that the results of the RT-PCR test performed on Thursday indicated that the unnamed patient is positive for monkeypox.

According to Ho, the patient is being strictly monitored and isolated at home.

Cruz-Angeles claimed that the DOH is on top of the situation despite the detection of monkeypox in the nation.

So, she explained, “the main issue is to spread the word so that people will be alert, but also to be aware that the DOH mechanisms are in place.

By emphasizing that monkeypox is “not the same” as the coronavirus sickness, Cruz-Angeles further allayed public anxiety (Covid-19).

“To begin with, there is only one case, number one. Second, as you can see, not the entire population is impacted. Third, unlike Covid, which spreads rapidly via the air and has the potential to be lethal, “She spoke.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the monkeypox virus spreads by respiratory droplets, lesions, and bodily fluids.

As health authorities stress the significance of hand washing and advise against contact with suspect cases, personal skin-to-skin contact, including sexually transmitted diseases, is included among the primary transmission.

The DOH promptly placed the person under quarantine after learning about the recent instance.

Fever, a severe headache, muscle aches, back discomfort, low energy, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash or lesions on the skin are some of the symptoms of the illness.

According to the WHO, smallpox immunization may contribute in halting the spread of the monkeypox virus.

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