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To assist earthquake victims, TESDA mobilizes disaster teams.

The magnitude 7 earthquake that struck northern Luzon prompted the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to make a Friday announcement that it will send aid to those who were impacted.

“In order to determine the level of support required in each location, we are now cooperating with the regional, provincial, and local government agencies as well as local leaders. While this is happening, our regional and provincial offices in the impacted areas have already been told to mobilize their local disaster teams and to send urgent relief via the TESDAmayan Program “In a statement, it was said.

The agency’s flagship initiative, “TESDAmayan,” strives to assist communities afflicted by any crisis brought on by natural disasters, tragedies, or any unpleasant incident that uproots residents.

The organization stated that it will not hesitate to provide assistance to residents in northern Luzon, citing the fact that TESDA had dispatched volunteers and building experts to help those who were impacted by Super Typhoon Odette in 2021.

It remarked, “They can feel secure knowing that their government is aware of their circumstance.

In the meantime, TESDA also stated that none of its employees were hurt in the northern Luzon earthquake-affected districts.

However, several of the TESDA facilities were damaged.

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