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Hospitals are notified of suspected monkeypox patients first.

According to a statement made on Monday by the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PHAPI), anyone who may have signs of monkeypox is urged to seek isolation at medical facilities rather than at home.

Dr. Rene de Grano, president of PHAPI, stated that monkeypox is an infectious illness and that it is crucial that the public is made aware of its symptoms.

“If they are suffering symptoms, they must report [to hospitals] straight away to see if they have monkeypox symptoms,” he said. “If they are experiencing symptoms, they must report [to hospitals] right away to see if they have monkeypox symptoms.”

The World Health Organization lists fever, headache, muscle weakness, and rashes among the signs and symptoms of monkeypox.

According to De Grano, all private institutions adhere to the Department of Health’s (DOH) guidelines for the identification and treatment of cases of monkeypox.

Once a patient arrives at a hospital with what may be monkeypox symptoms, isolation will start.

The patient’s symptoms will be further identified during isolation, and a real-time polymerase chain reaction test will be performed.

The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine will receive the sample.

If the patient tests positive for monkeypox, the appropriate local government unit or the City Epidemiology Surveillance Unit shall be notified.

De Grano stated, “We need to know where the patient acquired it, the patient’s history, and the people mixed with in order to know who must be found. Kailangan po natin malaman, kung saan ito nakuha, ‘yung history ng pasiyente at kung sino po ang nakahalubilo niya nang sa gayon malaman natin ?”

De Grano added that although monkeypox is a self-limiting viral infection, there is now no medication available in the nation for it.

“What’s crucial is detection, and then we’ll be able to limit it, and if there’s any, we must be able to stop its spread immediately away,” he added. “If there’s any, we must be able to stop it from spreading right away.”

The DOH announced the first monkeypox case in the nation on Friday. The victim is a Filipino who traveled overseas on July 19.

The patient is currently recovering alone at home while waiting for the body rashes to go away.

The DOH reassures the populace that cases of monkeypox can be found using the nation’s surveillance system.

The general population is also encouraged to keep up with health precautions like face mask use, hand washing, and physical separation to stop the potential spread of the monkeypox virus.

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