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Bar reviewers must maintain their physical and mental health.

Aspiring attorneys should organize their study habits and undertake leg exercises while preparing for the 2022 Bar Examinations, which will return to a November date, according to Court of Appeals Associate Justice John Lee.

In Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, on Saturday, during the graduation ceremony for law students from Liceo de Cagayan University (LDCU), Lee stressed the need of developing one’s physical, mental, and spiritual faculties before taking the exams.

“According to recent studies, cognitive power and leg muscle strength are directly related. Your legs must be the area you need to work out the most, “in his motivational speech.

According to Lee, maintaining one’s health entails staying away from activities that could expose one to Covid-19. This year, a few bar candidates who tested positive for the virus were disqualified from taking the exam.

In terms of mental preparation, Lee advised graduates to schedule at least one day off per week for studying, and during the month leading up to the Bar Exam, set aside time for relaxation every Sunday.

“Simply resist the urge to give up if you have any self-doubt. Revert to the belief that you have already earned a legal degree. Your teachers have already aided you in gaining a fundamental understanding of the laws, “Lee remarked.

According to him, passing the bar exam is physical evidence of the fundamental legal knowledge candidates already possess.

In order to “give all interested law graduates ample time to prepare and submit their documentary requirements,” the Supreme Court (SC) has extended the application period for the 2022 Bar Exams from its original deadline of July 15 to August 15. This will allow enough time to process and verify applications.

The SC online system’s Bar Personalized Login Unified System must be used by applicants (Bar PLUS).

In total, 8,241 candidates passed the demanding 2020-2021 Bar Exams, which were administered on February 4 and 6. This represents 72.28 percent of the 11,402 recent law graduates who took the test.

The same formats that will be utilized this year were used for the first time, and it was held digitally and at numerous locations across the nation.

The dean of LDCU’s College of Law, attorney Manuel Cabrera, stated that the school would assist its alumni who plan to sit the bar exam by conducting research and compiling materials to develop reviewers in both video and soft copy paper formats.

As the vice president for Mindanao of the Philippine Association of Law Schools, Cabrera said, “You follow the syllabus [given by the SC] and go to the basic codal provision of the law, and of course, the doctrines and the decided cases of the Supreme Court because the questions in the Bar Exams are really grounded on jurisprudence.”

Lt. Col. Michelle Olaivar, who graduated with first honors and served as the spokesman for Police Regional Office-10, is the head of LDCU’s College of Law Class of 2022.

She claimed that going to law school was never simple, especially given the nature of her job and her motherly responsibilities.

“It was challenging to pass the courses while working as a mother and a student. I was able to do it (graduate with honors) because I prepared well and carefully observed how my professors approached topics and wanted them to be answered, “She stated in a conversation.

She expressed gratitude for the support of her friends and fellow graduates, who gave her encouragement and motivation.

She is getting ready to climb another mountain, and, like the other obstacles she overcame, she is determined to pass the Bar.

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