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A PH company receives US money to build up to 3GW of wind energy.

The US government’s grant allocation to a local company to build up to three gigawatts of wind generating capacity gave the Philippines’ effort to enhance the proportion of renewable energy among its sources a boost.

US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken stressed the value of intergovernmental cooperation at a briefing on Saturday when discussing issues like the effects of climate change.

For instance, he claimed that the Philippines “is particularly vulnerable to dealing with increasingly stronger typhoons, excessive rainfall, rising temperatures, and rising sea levels.”

“This is a threat that, by definition, cannot be resolved by one nation or one administration acting alone. We must all work together to combat it, and making investments in clean energy is one extremely effective way to do so, he said.

Aboitiz Renewable Inc. received a grant from the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) so that it could conduct a feasibility study for the construction of an offshore wind project with a maximum capacity of three gigawatts.

“Over time, that project will generate 3,000 megawatts or more of sustainable energy annually. To put it in perspective, Blinken noted that 3,000 megawatts of sustainable energy would be sufficient to power almost two million poles.

According to information from the US Department of State, the USTDA has funded a number of projects involving distributed energy, smart grids, renewable power generation, and energy storage technologies.

According to the report, the agency has completed 33 energy-related projects in the Philippines that US companies claim have resulted in exports to the US worth more than $557 million.

According to Blinken, the US government will support the Philippines’ initiative to obtain 35% of its energy mix from RE by 2030 and 50% by 2040.

He claimed that the funding for a feasibility study on wind energy in the nation will play a significant role in assisting the government in realizing its ambitions to utilize the nation’s RE potential.

“We want to encourage more financial support for wind energy. In the Philippines, that sector has enormous growth potential, he noted.

Jose Manuel Romualdez, the Philippine ambassador to the US, noted during the ceremony that the US government had been one of the Philippines’ most reliable sources of assistance and support.

“We need to focus on the underlying [cause] of the problem and explore solutions that will have [a] major impact in the long run,” he said. “Beyond the humanitarian help and catastrophe response.”

The Biden administration’s decision to rejoin the historic Paris Agreement, which sets national greenhouse pollution caps in an effort to keep global warming below two degrees Celsius, is applauded by the Philippine government, he claimed.

He claimed that the choice “reaffirmed the United States’ highest degree of commitment to measures to combat climate change.”

Romualdez added, “And we are proud and appreciative for the ongoing relationship in this regard.

He pointed out how opportune the most recent funding was for a feasibility study on a wind power project in the Philippines.

“The Aboitiz Renewable Incorporated,” he continued, “which we believe will translate to new and better wind energy infrastructure that will offer Filipino families affordable, high-quality, and sustainable electricity from forests in the near future.”

Romualdez stated that the nation’s offshore wind potential is approximately 178 gigawatts, citing World Bank projections.

“We should harness it,” he continued, “in order to considerably contribute to addressing the nation’s rising energy need.”

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