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Digital change will promote the expansion of the construction sector.

Faster and more effective operations have been made possible by digitization, but smaller businesses are having trouble keeping up with technology, according to a report.

98 percent of the 259 Philippine-based companies that participated in the survey across several countries in the Asia Pacific last February expressed optimism about the outlook for the conditions of the construction industry in the coming 12 months, according to a benchmark report on the industry that was released on Thursday by Procore Technologies Inc., an international provider of construction management software.

Although it was stated that digital transformation is a “major accelerator” for the industry’s growth, smaller businesses are having trouble quickly adapting to these changes.

The survey’s findings revealed that 26% of participants stated their companies are currently “digital first,” while 56% said they are “well on the way” to undergoing a digital transformation.

Additionally, it showed that about 65% of Filipino respondents had raised their digital investments over the previous 24 months.

The challenges to the digitalization effort, however, are the costs associated with how to transfer processes digitally, inadequate software solutions, and a lack of support from technology vendors and providers (44 percent); overcoming concerns about data security (43 percent), and changing long-standing behaviors (44 percent).

In a press conference, Procore Vice President of Asia Bruce Wells ascribed the difficulties in the construction industry’s shift to digitalization to the fact that tech experts, rather than those who are actually involved in the construction company, are building the technologies.

According to him, investing in technology is only one aspect of the digital transition; another is “being committed to doing this right.”

It’s a chance to alter your current course of action, he continued.

Although smaller construction companies are having a difficult time keeping up with larger organizations in terms of their digital transformation path, there are many opportunities out there, according to Wells.

Generally speaking, he said, “I think there is a big opportunity for agencies, governments to do more in teaching the industries that they’re serving in terms of what best practices look like and helping the persons along the way.

According to Wells, small businesses shouldn’t have to navigate the complexities of digital transformation on their own.

“There is definitely a chance for more education, and I don’t see any barriers to that happening. This surely applies to other businesses and is not specific to construction, he continued.

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