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DepEd-Ilocos enrolls 936K students.

As of August 12, the Department of Education (DepEd) had recorded 936,406 enrollments in the Ilocos region for the upcoming school year.

Cesar Bucsit, head of the DepEd 1 (Ilocos) Public Affairs Unit, stated in an interview on Wednesday that 55,736 students were enrolled in kindergarten, 405,515 in elementary, 314,139 in junior high, and 161,010 in senior high.

The number is anticipated to rise as enrollment continues, he said.

According to Bucsit, enrollment projections for School Year 2022-2023 in the region are 1,3 million.

Tuesday in a virtual forum, Darius Nieto, project development officer of DepEd-1, reported that 96 percent of the enrolled students have already received their first dose of the coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine, while 93 percent have been fully immunized.

However, only 8% have received a booster shot, he reported.

Together with the Department of Health – Center for Health Development – Ilocos, DepEd-1 has been conducting immunization drives in schools to increase the number of students with booster shots.

The education program supervisor for the DepEd-1 office, Johnson Sunga, stated that the opening of classes this month will continue to be a combination of face-to-face (F2F) and distance learning modalities, or full mode.

“They may choose the full five-day F2F classes, the blended mode in which they may select three to four days F2F and one distance learning day, or the full distance learning mode,” he explained.

On November 2, there will be a transition from the pandemic to the new normal educational environment.

“We are going to return to the standard time allocation per subject and classroom activities in a natural setting because the implementation of distance learning, specifically modular distance learning, has resulted in learning losses,” Sunga said.

He stated that distance learning and other modes are insufficient for students to master their competencies.

“Therefore, the resumption of face-to-face classes to address the learning losses and gaps,” he said, attributing the learning loss to the missed lessons because students were unable to attend classes in person.

This academic year, according to Sunga, will be focused on academics, while other activities that may distract students will be limited or eliminated.

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