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Small farmers now have access to a market thanks to the NegOcc producers’ organization

To act as a market for the production of its supported small farmers from various areas across the province, the Association of Negros Producers (ANP) opened the Bugana Pavilion at its center along South Capitol Road here.

The site’s name, “bugana,” which means abundant or bountiful in the Hiligaynon language, is derived from the word “bugana,” which implies diverse fruits, vegetables, organic rice, and other commodities were already being sold there on Friday, its first day of operations.

ANP Vice President for Natural and Organic Elizabeth Mondejar remarked, “Farmers’ products in Bugana are assured to be safe food that can sustain a healthy lifestyle for our consumers.

She said that the 150 members of the participating farmers’ organizations, who are from the municipalities of Manapla, Silay, and Kabankalan, are a part of the two major agriculture initiatives run by the ANP: WeTrace Philippines and the OURFood Program.

Agriculture is the most recent industry admitted to the ANP membership category, according to ANP president Arlene Infante.

“It all began with the German government and the OURFood Program. In addition to acting as a consolidator and marketing partner in Bacolod, ANP taught the highland farmers of San Carlos proper agricultural methods. After then, the ANP collaborated on the WeTrace project with another German organization, she added.

WeTrace was created to give farmers the opportunity to suggest ways to increase their productivity and increase the marketability of their commodities, whereas OURFood strives to produce healthy food and promote sustainable agriculture for small farmers in Negros.

According to Infante, the ANP collaborated with the DOST as part of the Community Empowerment via Science and Technology Program, and their Kabankalan initiative took home a cash prize for the regional competition.

“We chose to create this pavilion here as the hub to maximize the value that a highly urbanized market can bring our farmers,” she added. “With approval from the DOST and our farmers in Kabankalan.”

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