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From January through July 2022, 56K enterprises will be examined for compliance: DOLE.

In the first seven months of the year, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said on Friday that it had inspected about 56,000 private companies.

Alvin Curada, director of the DOLE-Bureau of Working Conditions, stated that these businesses had undergone inspections to determine whether they adhere to general labor norms or government-set occupational safety and health standards.

According to him, breaches included failing to pay Social Security System (SSS), Pag-IBIG, and Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) contributions, as well as underpaying minimum wage, overtime pay, and holiday pay.

In a Laging Handa briefing, Curada stated, “Those are the common breaches made during the inspection of 56,000 establishments as of July 2022.”

When questioned about the sanctions for similar offenses by employers or companies, he said that they are given time to make amends.

“There is a corrective period following the inspection, during which the inspected enterprises have the chance to fix any infractions, whether they relate to general labor requirements or occupational safety and health standards.” Additionally, there is a required conference after which our parties will receive due process. Our Regional Director will issue a compliance order, which is where the Regional Director directs them to pay for the highlighted violations or remedy those violations if there is still no rectification and it is established that your violation actually occurred, the official stated.

Curada added that the business also has the option of appealing the ruling.

He continued, “It is also a part of our employers’ right to a fair process; they have the right to appeal, submit an appeal with the Office of the Secretary here with us, and we will analyze your records, evidence, and then affidavits of the workers.”

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