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92% of teaching staff and non-teaching staff are completely immunized: DepEd

92 percent of teaching and non-teaching personnel have received the entire course of Covid-19 vaccinations, according to data released on Sunday by the Department of Education (DepEd).

As face-to-face lessons begin on Monday, DepEd spokesperson Michael Poa stated in a radio interview that DepEd adheres to a “no discrimination” policy for both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers and pupils.

Only 19% of students are fully immunized against the virus, according to data.

“Even if teachers, students, and everyone else are bakunado or unable to speak, po. This is so that all students and teachers can enter schools regardless of whether they have completed the nation’s vaccination program. This is due to the fact that our immunization program is voluntary, he explained.

Only fully immunized teaching and non-teaching staff was permitted to take part in the implementation of the limited in-person classes during the previous academic year.

In order to deploy counseling and mobile vaccinations in schools, Poa stated that the DepEd is working in conjunction with the Department of Health (DOH).

“What we will be doing with the DOH is counseling sessions before we move forward with mobile vaccination, because bago po natin ituloy ang vaccination, kailangan mayroon tayong number ((What we will be doing with the DOH is counseling sessions before we move forward with vaccination. Before we launch mobile immunization, we must first have a number,” stated Poa.

According to Poa, those who reject immunization will receive counseling-based education.

He said in Filipino, “Once they consent, whether learner, parent, teacher or non-teaching personnel, we will set up mobile vaccination centers.”

Poa reaffirmed his plea for students, non-teaching staff, and others to uphold basic public health norms.

He said, “We have directed school officials to be strict in the compliance of minimum public health standards.” “Talagang naatasan po natin ang school officials na strict tayo sa adherence ng minimum public health standards,” he stated.

Students are not permitted to eat together during breaks, and DepEd has a double shift policy to prevent classroom congestion.

If the area doesn’t allow it, pupils should eat together while facing one another.

By November 2, both private and public schools will have implemented blended learning before beginning regular face-to-face classes.

To support in-person classes, DepEd field offices received a release of PHP3.7 billion for maintenance and other running costs.

Poa stated that regional directors would be in charge of deciding how to spend the budget, which may include the procurement of face masks and other supplies to guarantee the safety of the resumption of in-person classes.

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