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Senator Villanueva says, “Pay teachers what they are worth.”

The difficulties faced by the nation’s teachers must be highlighted this week as face-to-face (F2F) lessons resume, according to Senator Joel Villanueva.

Villanueva said this as he renewed his efforts to have legislation passed that would improve the situation for teachers.

He underlined that many professors spend their own money to cover classroom-related costs and help needy students, in addition to their academic responsibilities.

In a news release, he stated, “We must compensate our teachers for what they are worth considering the responsibility they bear on their shoulders — our children’s learning and future.”

Villanueva stated that a “salary boost” is the best option for both teaching and non-teaching staff. He asserted that raising their allowances is more practical.

He continued, “We propose to provide additional grocery and transportation allowances, as well as a medical allowance for teaching and non-teaching staff in public basic education schools (Senate Bill No. 564), as well as for teaching staff in our state universities and colleges and [technical vocational institutions] (Senate Bill No. 565).

Villanueva also cautioned the Department of Education (DepEd) to make sure that the readiness of the facilities, teachers, and students on the ground matches their “all systems go” for the start of school.

“Classes can no longer be held outside in the shade, with shared tables and chairs, or in empty classrooms. As stated by DepEd, we anticipate that our kids will attend lessons in welcoming settings with comprehensive course materials.

In addition, he added that despite the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, minimal public health norms must still be followed.

DepEd said that as of August 20, there were 27,691,191 students registered for this academic year.

For SY 2022–2023, the agency had already set a target enrolment of 28.6 million.

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