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Metrobank is the top-ranked bank employer for 2022 on LinkedIn.

Philippines’ MANILA According to LinkedIn, the largest professional social network on the internet, Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank), the nation’s second-largest private universal bank, is this year’s top bank for job seekers looking to enter the banking and finance field.

According to LinkedIn’s most current 2022 Top Companies List for the Philippines, which included rankings for 15 local businesses, the bank held down the fourth position among all Philippine employers. It was also the best banking employer in the nation, surpassing all other domestic banks.

According to LinkedIn, these businesses provide stability in the midst of a dynamic work environment and work hard to keep their employees.

Businesses have had a difficult two years, particularly in terms of managing their human resources. Employers have been forced by the epidemic to make significant system and process changes as well as start up programs to keep employee morale and productivity high.

In light of this, Metrobank made it a top priority to make sure that its over 14,000 workers were taken care of and provided with resources to boost their productivity.

“Metrobank created staff wellness programs throughout the pandemic, including regulations allowing for work from home and employee training. According to LinkedIn, the company provides programs to help the emotional and mental health of its employees.

The seven criteria that make up LinkedIn’s ranking include the potential for advancement, skill development, organizational stability, external opportunities, corporate affinity, gender diversity, and a greater range of educational backgrounds. It also included important developments from the leading corporations, such as the availability of flexible work arrangements, possibilities for skill development, assistance for mental health, and equality in the workplace.

“Metrobankers amply demonstrated the bank’s commitment to keeping our clients safe during the lockdowns. They went above and above to meet our consumers’ needs. In a similar vein, Metrobank places a high priority on the wellness of its staff. In order to maintain their motivation and physical and mental health during the epidemic, we anticipated their needs, according to Metrobank HR head Gerboy Ortega.

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