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Seven wholesome social media practices

Social media networks never run out of new posts for you to interact with, whether you publish, like, share, or comment. But what negative effects on your health do endlessly scrolling through a stream of posts have?

Social media and health have a complicated relationship. On the one hand, social media enables us to keep in touch with loved ones who live far away. However, some social media information might also make people feel more depressed and anxious.

Although more research is required to fully comprehend the complicated connection between social media and our health, there are several steps we can take right away to safeguard our wellbeing by adopting sensible social media usage practices.

Seven wholesome social media practices
When using social media, use purpose. Practice being attentive to what you’re seeing, thinking, and feeling when you scroll through your feed rather than scrolling through it automatically.

Concentrate on your actual buddies.

Social networking may be a terrific tool for staying in touch with distant friends and family. However, phone calls, video chats, or even text messages can provide a stronger sense of human connection than likes and comments on social media. Concentrate on those in-person interactions, and utilize social media as an additional tool to develop your relationships offline.

Do not scroll for too long each day.

When we’re on social media, it’s easy for time to slip our minds. However, a tiny study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology reveals that persons who keep their social media usage to under 30 minutes per day report happier moods and feelings. For managing screen usage, using the “do not disturb” feature or setting aside concentrate time are excellent options.

The individuals and pages you find enjoyable to follow.

As you go through your feed, are there any unpleasant posts that catch your eye? Choose to follow things and people that make you happy rather than unfollowing, blocking, or muting anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Before going to bed, stay off social media.

Although the blue light from our phones and other gadgets can make it difficult to sleep, having a good night’s sleep is crucial for controlling your mood. A good hour before night, make sure to log out of social media and turn off your screens.

Live in the present when you are out and about.

Don’t stress about taking the perfect photo to post on social media when you’re having fun. Instead, put your phone away and make the most of the occasion by being fully present.

Go on a break!

It’s a good idea to take a vacation for a few days if you realize that using social media has increased your feelings of anxiety or depression. Recharging your batteries and refocusing on what matters most in your life are two benefits of unplugging.

You’re not alone if you’re struggling with the signs of anxiety or depression; get support from a reliable source like your doctor.

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