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The daily average of Covid-19 instances decreased by 15% from August 15 to August 21.

According to a study released on Monday by the Department of Health (DOH), the daily average of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases decreased by 15% from August 15 to August 21.

The number declined to 3,412 daily in the most recent week from 4,001 daily from August 8 to August 14.

According to the most recent case bulletin, 321 confirmed deaths and 23,883 new cases were reported in the previous week.

90 of the extra fatalities were from August 8 to 21.

The number of serious and critical infections decreased from 822 instances the previous week to 811 cases within the same time period.

Only 699 of the 2,586 beds in the intensive care unit (ICU) are being used, or 27 percent, but 6,677 of the 22,076 non-ICU beds are being used, or 30 percent.

Approximately 72,310,149 people, or 92.59 percent of the target population for the nation (78,100,578), had received the Covid-19 vaccination as of this writing, including 78.01 percent of the 8,721,357 seniors.

Out of the people that had received all of their vaccinations, 17,419,141 had received booster doses as of August 21.

Dr. Edsel Salvaa, a specialist in infectious diseases, claimed in a televised public briefing that the backlogs in reporting the fatalities are to blame for the rise in Covid-19 deaths.

In contrast to remote locations, he observed that reporting of deaths happened quickly in cities like those in the National Capital Region.

In fact, he observed, “some deaths that occurred last year are now being reported.”

“So, we have to look at how many among the number of deaths were recorded in a previous couple of weeks, there’s really delay in the reporting,” he continued. “Ilan talaga dito ang number of deaths na were reported in the last couple of weeks, may delay po talaga iyan.”

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