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Resuming the BIR assessment of major internet retailers

In order to eventually collect taxes from “big-time” online vendors, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will soon resume its supervision of them.

According to Lilia Guillermo, commissioner of BIR, the company will meet with Shopee and Lazada next month.

“As of right now, they continue to be quite reticent to give us data because, according to them, privacy. However, we are not infringing on anyone’s privacy, according to Guillermo.

Guillermo stated that internet influencers, particularly those who make significant sums of money on YouTube, would wait for the government’s top priority law on digital service providers, the law on digital service providers, to be passed.

We were criticized for not going after those influencers, it was said. We will discover major online vendors and influencers using big data analysis of social media data, according to Guillermo.

To level the playing field between traditional and digital firms, the Department of Finance is already working to impose a value-added tax on digital goods and services.

The DOF stated that the measure “clearly establishes that products or properties, including those of a digital or electronic character, and services, including those delivered electronically, are liable to VAT.”

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