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Hontiveros and Cayetano argue over Senate and CA regulations.

During Tuesday’s election of the members and officials of the Commission on Appointments (CA), senators Risa Hontiveros and Alan Peter Cayetano got into a heated argument about the regulations.

Hontiveros questioned Cayetano’s appointment as the minority leader of the CA and emphasized that he is a member of the independent bloc.

The only minority senators are Aquilino Pimentel III and Hontiveros.

On the CA floor, there has been a shift in the phrase. But just to be clear, the history is obvious since I am the one who is basing our arguments on tradition, she continued, “because it is the past that is clear.

Hontiveros’ interpretation that there has been a shift in terminology is incorrect, according to Cayetano.

The Rules of the Senate serve as the foundation for the nomenclature or labeling. If I’m not mistaken, the House (of Representatives) operates under the same rules as the Senate. You are in the majority if you vote for the Senate President. Cayetano emphasized the distinction between Senate and CA rules, saying that if you disagree, you are in the minority.

Hontiveros stated that she finds it concerning that independent senator Cayetano was elected as the CA Minority Leader.

“It is crucial for organizations like these to be clear about the positions held by each member. Lines of accountability and the presence of a real minority voice depend on this, Hontiveros continued.

According to Cayetano, he has remained steadfast in his advocacy.

“I think it’s just necessary to clarify, and I appreciate your time,” said Senator Risa and me. Cayetano addressed Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri, who serves as the CA’s chair, saying, “Perhaps when we are in the process of looking at the qualifications of the President’s nominations, you will also offer the minority this latitude of having a little more time.

Nancy Binay, JV Ejercito, Francis Escudero, Jinggoy Estrada, Christopher Go, Loren Legarda, Imee Marcos, Grace Poe, Francis Tolentino, and Cynthia Villar were elected senators who would serve as members of the CA, while Hontiveros will represent the minority.

The Vice Chair of the House of Representatives is Ramon Guico Jr., the Majority Leader is Luis Raymond Villafuerte, Jr., the Assistant Majority Leader is Rodante Marcoleta, and the Assistant Minority Leaders are Jose Padiernos and Johnny Pimentel.

The CA is an independent constitutional body distinct from the legislature, despite the fact that its membership is limited to Congressmen.

The CA has the authority to accept or reject any presidential appointment.

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