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DICT will step up its efforts to track down internet child traffickers.

By tracking child traffickers through their online activity, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has committed to step up efforts to prevent online child exploitation in the nation.

Ivan John Uy, secretary of the DICT, stated during a multi-agency briefing at Malacanang on Tuesday that the majority of child traffickers are family members or close friends of the child and utilize the Internet to market their illicit goods abroad.

Uy claimed that in order to offer resources and combat such illegal behavior, the DICT and its affiliated organization, the Cybercrime Investigation Coordinating Council, “extensively” collaborate with national and international law enforcement agencies.

“Everything is being done. We’re covering every angle, he said, including how they’re using social media and websites to advertise their products.

According to Uy, the Anti-Money Laundering Council is collaborating with local and international financial institutions and governmental organizations to monitor financial transactions associated with such operations.

Additionally, he added, the DICT is collaborating with regional telecommunications firms that act as online entry points for a sizable portion of the populace to find these cyber criminals.

“There are various ways to zero in on where your activities are, and you’ll be listed in the worldwide blacklisting as a child abuser,” Uy added. “Marami pong paraan at once ma-zero in namin kung saan ang operations niyo.”

Once blacklisted, he claimed, these people would not only be subject to criminal prosecution but also be prohibited from traveling abroad and have a hard time finding employment.

“This is not a local crime, even though that is where the victim is located in the Philippines. (This is not a local offense where you will just be tagged here in the Philippines.) Markado po kayo sa buong world. The entire world will have your mark on you, Uy stated.

He pointed out how the country’s expanded connection has created both beneficial and harmful opportunities, which criminals have abused.

As we expand connections, we must likewise promote better online education. Not only educating them about cybercrime and how to protect themselves from it, but also informing them of the negative consequences of child exploitation through this medium,” Uy said.

The Philippines has surpassed all other countries in terms of online child exploitation, according to Justice Secretary Crispin Remulla, who also noted that such activities have escalated as a result of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) epidemic.

He asserted that in reaction, the Marcos administration has declared war on internet child exploitation and will cooperate with international organizations to see to it that these offenders are prosecuted.

“What will dissuade people from committing crimes against the law in the future is the assurance that they will face severe punishment” (to avoid this kind of activity is the certainty of punishment, to arrest and punish them). That is why we are all gathered here today, Remulla assured. “We are waging war against this. Anybody who continues to insist on committing this crime will have our support.

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