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No anticipated increase in vegetable prices in NCR following “Florita”: DA

The effects of Severe Tropical Storm Florita have not increased vegetable prices in Metro Manila, the Department of Agriculture (DA) confirmed on Wednesday.

DA Undersecretary Kristine Evangelista stated that an evaluation is ongoing to determine the cost of agricultural damage and to monitor local supplies in Ilocos Norte during a news briefing at the palace.

Since we are only looking at 220 metric tons, of which only 2 metric tons are vegetables, Ilocos Norte is not the only supply for Metro Manila. The remainder is mostly rice. In light of the storm and its impacts in Ilocos Norte, we do not currently anticipate a change in the price of vegetables in Metro Manila, she said.

According to preliminary data, Ilocos Norte farmers have already suffered losses and damages totaling PHP3.01 million.

DA initiatives, according to Evangelista, are already in place, and mobile Kadiwa stores are available in the area in case of emergency.

“We have biologics for the livestock farmers that are afflicted. For farmers in need of assistance, we also have seeds for rice, corn, and vegetables, she added.

The regional offices will oversee the DA’s quick response fund (QRF), which will be used for distribution.

Approximately 628 hectares of land in Ilocos Norte had been impacted as of Wednesday. The majority of them are rice fields, which have suffered losses totaling PHP2.93 million.

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