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South Korea experiences lowest birthrate and most fatalities in 40 years

While mortality increased to an all-time high during the second quarter of this year in South Korea, childbirths reached their lowest level in 40 years, local media reported on Wednesday.

According to the most recent statistics from Statistics Korea, 59,961 babies were born nationwide between April and June, a 9.3 percent decrease from the previous year.

Since 1981, there have been fewer babies born during the second quarter.

The East Asian nation is experiencing a drop in childbirth as many young people are deterring from marriage and parenthood as a result of the scarcity of respectable employment possibilities, exorbitant housing costs, and excessive private education costs.

But during this time, the country’s death rate rose. According to the data, a record 90,406 persons passed away, a 20 percent rise from the previous year.

The population of South Korea has declined over the previous 32 months as well.

To encourage more births in the face of declining numbers, the government offered further incentives for families in 2020.

Despite efforts by the government, the nation’s total fertility rate—which measures the typical number of children a woman bears over her lifetime—fell to 0.75 in the second quarter from 0.92 a year earlier, according to the agency.

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