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Solon wants to provide temporary government workers with civil service eligibility.

To lessen labor contractualization in the government, a legislator campaigned for the approval of a bill on Thursday that would automatically qualify long-term casual state employees for civil service.

Rep. Bernadette Herrera of the Bagong Henerasyon Party-list said the government should set an example as a good employer by working to end labor contractualization, also known as end-of-contract or endo, in the bureaucracy in her House of Representatives Bill 1387.

It may begin by extending civil service eligibility to qualified temporary or contract employees who are unable to get regular employment because they do not qualify, according to Herrera.

Employees who have worked for the government for at least five years straight and have casual or contract posts at the first and second levels are covered by the measure.

However, the measure specifies that unless they meet the “relevant qualifying condition” for that post, these employees will not be eligible for any promotions.

It would “incentivize more productive work, investing in one’s profession, and taking on a longer-term view at one’s career advancement,” she claimed, if regular status were granted.

The government should give these committed workers who have provided effective service in the bureaucracy the chance to become eligible for civil service, considering the services they extend in all government offices vis-à-vis the inadequate benefits and privileges accorded the casual and contractual employees.”

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