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A coating is applied to slick sidewalks in Baguio.

Following pedestrian incidents, the local government has begun applying a special coating to tactile strips on the city’s sidewalks.

Edgar Victorio Olpindo, director of the city’s engineering office, announced on Friday that they had started coating seven kilometers of the city’s tactile pavement with a non-slip material.

Olpindo claimed that although more research is still required, an initial test indicated that the number of slide accidents had decreased following the application of the coating.

“We would have to wait a long period to see how it affected things. Additionally, we must do more studies in a variety of settings, taking into account the footwear being worn. We are hoping for fruitful outcomes,” he stated.

Even though Mayor Benjamin Magalong has frequently urged people not to step on the yellow tiles because they are only intended for the blind, a number of objections to the tactile paving project have previously been voiced in response to the slipping events.

However, the mayor acknowledged that people frequently walk on the tiles in the confined space of the sidewalk. Since then, he has issued an order to stop installing tactile strips.

The city would cover the medical costs of anyone who were hurt by the tactile strips, according to city administrator Bonifacio Dela Pea.

The owner of the construction company that was given the initial contract for enhancing the sidewalk along Kisad Road, Rowald Julian, stated that the Department of Public Works and Highways had approved the tiles they had provided.

Before placing the necessary quantity of orders, the producer abroad submitted samples of various tactile tiles for review by the DPWH and the city. The one that was installed was the one that had received approval, Iyong kinabit.

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