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Baguio City seeks PWDs, community facilities for the elderly, and wellness.

A community center for people with disabilities and a facility for older citizens’ wellness have both been proposed as House resolutions.

Representative Marquez Go of Baguio’s sole district stated that he introduced House Bills (HB) 3922 and 3924 to protect the security and safety of two of the nation’s most vulnerable sectors.

According to the congressman, “House Bill 3922 expressly for the differently-abled folks will not only give them a roof over their heads but also give them access to education and training programs that boost their livelihood and career chances.”

According to a study by the Asian Development Bank, people with disabilities are among the poorest and most vulnerable because they lack access to opportunities for employment, education, social protection, health care, and other sources of income, as well as because of environmental and mobility barriers.

According to Go, “disability and poverty are frequently linked because individuals with impairments frequently experience inequities brought on by unfair chances, discrimination, and social, political, and economic exclusion.”

He continued, “It will guarantee their liberty, self-sufficiency, dignity, and production.

While maintaining the well-being of the elderly, HB 3924 for senior residents aims to provide housing arrangements, healthcare access, and community programs that promote a sense of belonging and security.

The local government is also working out the details of a center that will be built to care for the welfare and development of old people, rebel returnees, and young people who are in confrontation with the law.

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