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VP Duterte claims that skilled workers are essential to a developing economy.

Vice President Sara Z. Duterte stated on Thursday night that Iloilo City is making progress as long as it provides “the necessary support for education and an enabling economic environment.”

At a ceremony held at the Iloilo Convention Center to recognize the city’s top taxpayers, Duterte paid a visit here.

She continued by saying that the increase in investments has enabled local industries to “grow and become diverse,” leading to the creation of more trained labor and a more developed economy.

“Let’s keep giving different industries more opportunities for expansion and development. According to Duterte, this is the only way to maintain local economies’ strength, resilience, and capacity to respond to potential future challenges to the global economy.

City of Iloilo In his statement, Jerry P. Treas stated that the city was able to generate a surplus of about PHP 500 million despite the health pandemic thanks to the business community’s ongoing support.

“LGUs have also increased their efforts to make sure that response strategies are tuned to specifically match each crisis in order to help the economy recover. Having a similar resolve to overcoming obstacles and thriving despite the pandemic threat, representatives from many sectors came here tonight, according to Treas.

Forty of the city’s top real individual and corporate property taxpayers were honored.

Among the events commemorating Iloilo City’s 85th Charter Day was the honoring of top taxpayers. (

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