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Raffy Tulfo fights for workers to receive fair salaries as required by law.

On Monday, Senator Raffy Tulfo asked the government to set a good example by upholding labor laws in order to inspire private businesses to pay their employees what is required by law.

Tulfo argued that the government must press for fair pay for all of its employees, particularly for the street sweepers and traffic attendants who continue to earn less than the going wage for their jobs.

“Set an example for others to follow. How can we expect private businesses to abide by labor laws and fairly reward their employees, Tulfo asked, if the government won’t pay employees the required wages?

He claimed that by doing this, private businesses of all sizes would obey the law and put an end to pay abuses.

Street sweepers and traffic assistants are paid according to Local Budget Circular (LBC) No. 143 (s. 2022), which is dependent on the local government units’ revenue categorization (LGUs).

According to the LBC, street sweepers can makeup to PHP14,993 per month and as little as PHP8,648, or roughly PHP376 per day. Contrarily, traffic assistants can make up to PHP17,899 per month or as little as PHP9,181.00 or PHP399 per day.

“The administration must start by guaranteeing that employees working for the government are earning a respectable income if it is serious about defending workers’ rights and combating unfair labor practices,” the senator stated.

In particular, during the height of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, when they continued to report to work despite the risks associated with the global health crisis, street sweepers and traffic assistants are regarded as the nation’s front-liners.

According to him, depending on the local government units’ financial resources, many street sweepers and traffic assistants continue to receive pay that is below the minimum wage. If an LGU has a low income categorization, this will also affect the earnings.

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