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Teachers and students who have not received the vaccine can now enroll in face-to-face classes: CHED

The Commission on Higher Education declared on Monday that the attendance of students, instructors, and non-teaching staff in-person classes at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) will no longer be based on their Covid-19 vaccination status.

This dramatic change in policy, according to CHED chairperson J. Prospero de Vera III, was based on a number of factors.

“Vaccinated and unvaccinated students, faculty members, and staff are now able to attend in-person classrooms or return to work. That is the current updated policy, he stated.

He stated that factors to be taken into account include good vaccination coverage in HEIs, a reduced risk classification for the nation, and other characteristics that must be “explained” in detail by all HEIs.

“We are modifying it because vaccination rates in higher education institutions are already high, the proportion of at-risk people is now substantially smaller, making it easier for our HEIs to control, and just like in other countries… The views of our health professionals that individuals who are in danger typically do not belong to the higher education age group are, of course, the views that we have already learned about how other nations have been doing it and implementing it, he said.

The Public Attorney’s Office urged CHED to examine its policy and release a comparable policy with the Department of Education last week. This policy was to emphasize a non-discriminatory setup for all students, regardless of vaccination status, for face-to-face learning.

Additionally, the CHED stated that they are granting HEIs some latitude in choosing health standards, including securing temperature inspections and declaration forms.

Dr. Joselito Villaruz, the special adviser to CHED chairman, applauded the commission’s decision, calling it “exciting times” for students.

I would just like to remind the schools to probably observe vigilance on the gradual return of students to face-to-face, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, as this will provide us with a better way in which to deliver instruction to our students. “I just like to commend the Commission for this breakthrough development in terms of policy,” he said.

However, students and other staff members must strictly observe isolation if numerous symptoms are experienced in order to prevent further transmission, according to Special Adviser to CHED Chairman Dr. Anna Ong-Lim.

“Maybe the old paradigm of being committed to attend school despite feeling unwell can no longer be insisted upon today, because we are taking care of ourselves and others, including our fellow students, “siguro” ‘yung ating old paradigm na pursigido talaga tayong pumasok kahit ano pang nararamdaman natin, hindi na po yan pwede ngayon.

Despite the fact that the new policy does not require vaccination status, Ong-Lim emphasized the importance of vaccinations.

The risk is substantially greater for people who have not received vaccinations than for those who have. Therefore, we want to remind everyone that vaccinations offer the most protection or a good layer of protection when combined with other preventative measures, she said.

According to De Vera, immunization rates in HEIs are still high for both teaching staff and students.

“In higher education, our vaccination rates are exceptionally high, reaching as high as 90% for HEI staff and near to 80% or roughly 77 percent for our students. This is a result of a vaccination program implemented in schools that began around September 2020,” De Vera stated.

Around 3,145,883 students received vaccinations, while 946,345 are still unvaccinated.

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