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ACG obtains “cyber warrants” against a Facebook post encouraging sexual abuse.

The social media behemoth Facebook and video platform YouTube have been ordered to reveal information and other content posted on a page that is allegedly promoting sexual exploitation by the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG), which has also obtained two warrants to disclose computer data (WCDC).

A cybercrime court in Manila ordered the two platforms to preserve data from the accounts connected to the page “Usapang Diskarte” in accordance with the warrants issued on July 20 and 28. This data will be used as evidence by the ACG’s Women and Children Cybercrime Protection Unit (WCCPU) in the filing of a case against the page’s operator.

In accordance with the Supreme Court’s ruling on cybercrime warrants, the warrants have already been approved by the court and sent to the Department of Justice’s Office on Cybercrime (DOJ-OOC) for implementation.

“We shall wait for the data to be transferred to us when we forward this. Thousands of photographs, details about the account owner and their subscribers, chat logs, and other data may be included in this. The chief of the WCCPU, Lt. Col. Irene Cena, stated in a statement, “We anticipate this probe to be extensive.

There is supposedly a lot of material on the page “Usapang Diskarte” that encourages child sexual exploitation and abuse. The account is associated with a network of sexual predators and has over 250,000 subscribers and followers.

Netizens criticized the page’s offensive material and demanded that the illegal movies it had posted online be removed. The obscene material on the page included instructions on how to trick a child into having sex with an older person.

ACG director Brig. Gen. Joel Doria also urged internet users to come forward and contact the ACG office if they had any information regarding “Usapang Diskarte” or felt they had been mistreated as a result of its viral posts.

We’re here to assist you. I also applaud all of our Cybercops and, of course, the WCCPU staff for their tireless efforts. Despite the fact that we have a little staff, you guys still go the extra mile to protect and serve,” stated Doria.

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