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Health expert: Covid-19 daily cases could reach 9K by the end of September.

By the end of September, the average number of Covid-19 cases per day could reach 9,000 as a result of the Omicron BA.5 subvariant, an expert in infectious diseases predicted on Monday.

139 new cases of the Omicron BA.5 subvariant had been reported by the Department of Health (DOH) as of August 26.

Dr. Rontgene Solante stated in a televised public briefing, “Yes, I fully agree with that because we can see with BA.5, the cases are going down slowly, so there is a possibility na aakyat na naman ito (Yes, I fully agree with that because there is a possibility na aakyat na naman ito that they will go up again).

According to DOH data as of Aug. 28, there were 2,318 new cases of Covid-19 across the country.

The most evasive subvariant of Omicron, BA.5, according to Solante, is capable of infecting people who have had all of their vaccinations and have previously been ill.

According to him, BA.5 has been present in the Philippines for four to six weeks and is the predominant variation worldwide, with most nations reporting that it accounts for 70 to 75 percent of positive cases.

If the eligible population gets their booster doses, case rises caused by the Omicron BA.5 subvariant could be avoided, he added.

Solante urged senior residents and people with comorbidities to get immunized to reduce their chance of contracting serious and life-threatening diseases and needing hospitalization, citing the possibility that the rate of health utilization may rise along with the rise in instances.

“And we also need to expand access to antiviral medications, which will be crucial for this population so that if they contract Covid, they are adequately protected,” he continued.

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