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14 Covid-19 deaths are reported in Davao City in one week.

According to a health official in the city, 14 deaths caused by coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) were reported in the city between August 20 and July 27.

The newly reported fatalities pushed the overall number of Covid-19 deaths to 2,044, according to Dr. Michelle Schlosser, the city’s Covid-19 task force spokesperson.

Although Schlosser claimed that the Southern Philippines Medical Center’s (SPMC) admittance rate is still at a “safe level,” it did saw an increase.

There has been a modest rise in patient admissions, but she added that not all of the SPMC (Covid-19) patients were from Davao City.

According to Schlosser, the city’s positive rate is between 13 and 15 percent, significantly higher than the permissible threshold of five percent stipulated by the World Health Organization.

She emphasized that vaccination is still a person’s best line of defense against the virus.

Schlosser claimed that they are attentively examining the records, particularly in light of the massive turnout for the Kadayawan celebrations in August.

As the city watches the return of face-to-face schools and employment, authorities are asking the general population to maintain vigilance and continue adhering to minimal health procedures.

Mayor Sebastian Duterte gave the assurance that the city administration is ready for the expected increase in cases.

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