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DOJ seeks information on a website that hosts child pornography

Two Warrants to Disclose Computer Data (WDCD) have been sent to social media giants Facebook and Youtube by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Anti-Cybercrime Group and Women and Children Cybercrime Protection Unit to compel the disclosure of computer data from a local channel that allegedly broadcasts pedophilic videos.

In a text message to reporters, State Counsel Gerald Vincent Sosa of the DOJ’s Office of Cybercrime stated that “Usapang Diskarte” was required to provide information regarding the strength of the WDCD.

“The central authority in all areas connected to extradition, international cooperation, cybercrime, and cyber-related offenses is the office where the warrant for cybercrime is being served. Being the central authority in all matters relating to international cooperation, extradition, and matters relating to cybercrime and cyber-related offenses, we are in the process of serving the cybercrime warrant on the relevant foreign companies. We deliver warrants to international businesses, “said he.

According to protocol, the PNP and other law enforcement agencies do not travel directly to the social media companies to serve the warrants, according to the DOJ.

“They contact our office, and we serve the warrant to Facebook or YouTube,” he continued. “Ang ginagawa nila dumadaan sa office namin and kami ‘yung nagse-serve kay Facebook or kay YouTube.”

According to Sosa, Facebook and other social media platforms have law enforcement gateways through which the requests of the law enforcement agencies are processed.

He claimed that social media businesses had been helpful thus far, particularly in situations affecting minors.

They are quite compliant, especially in our current cases involving child grooming or child pornography, said Sosa. “Very compliant naman sila, especially sa case natin ngayon, which is child grooming or violation ng child pornography,” he added.

There are posts on the “Usapang Diskarte” channel that offer advice on how older guys might seduce children.

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