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In order to reduce the number of dogs, Antique castrates them all.

For the whole month of September, the Provincial Veterinary Office of Antique (ProVet) will castrate a large number of dogs in an effort to reduce the number of dogs in the province and prevent the spread of rabies.
According to the timetable provided by the municipal agriculture officials, the ProVet team will travel to the several towns in the province for the activity, according to a Thursday interview with Dr. Marco Rafael Ardamil, head of ProVet’s public health section.

Three of the office’s vets, according to Ardamil, will perform the castration, but dog owners will be responsible for providing the anesthetic, antibiotics, and other necessities.

Five animal rabies cases were reported in the province between January and July, out of the seven samples that were forwarded to the Department of Agriculture’s lab in Iloilo City.

12 out of the 15 samples that were sent to the lab for testing last year’s rabies tests came back positive.

During the interview, there was no information about the dog population.

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