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Baguio considers PPP agreements for extra parking structures

In order to address the problem of roadside parking and reduce traffic congestion, the local city government is considering establishing public-private partnership (PPP) agreements for the development of parking facilities.

In the event that the city’s resources are insufficient to finance these plans, investors will be sought for the projects, according to Donna Tabangin, the city’s planning officer, on Friday.

PPP agreements will be made available for at least seven city locations that are appropriate for the construction of multi-level pay parking structures.

In addition to addressing the growing traffic jams in the area surrounding the central business district, Tabangin said that the projects “may help in providing parking places for the increasing volume of motor vehicles riding the city roads.”

The city-owned site on Kayang Street, which will accommodate the parking requirements of officials, employees, and clients of city hall buildings, is one of the designated locations for a multi-level pay-parking facility.

Another potential location for a multi-level parking structure is the public market area, where it will serve the parking requirements of both market patrons and companies.

The municipal administration also plans to build a second multi-level parking structure in the area where the old city auditorium once stood, which is where the city’s creative center is slated to be located.

This is meant to give locals and visitors to the central business district area parking while they visit Burnham Park and other locations.

Additionally, it has been decided to build a multi-level parking structure on Gov. Pack Road to add more places to the region’s already existing parking facilities.

The majority of the inter-regional buses that travel to the city also use this area as a loading zone.

Additionally, the city is making accessible the portion of the slaughterhouse located behind the Baguio Convention Center.

The Baguio tennis court is now undergoing renovations, and one of its advantages is the accessibility of roughly 80 underground parking spaces.

In a media interview on Thursday, the director of the city’s traffic and transportation office, Januario Borillo, stated that between 25,000 and 40,000 automobiles frequently travel the city’s roadways.

This volume surpasses 50,000 to 60,000 on the weekends when visitors swarm the city.

“The city continues to explore for methods to relieve traffic, and among the answers found are parking areas to avoid roadside parking,” said Borillo. “Naghahanap ang city ng mga paraan para mabawasan ang traffic at isa dito ay iyong mga parking para hindi sa kalsada nakapark ang mga sasakyan.”

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