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Education is essential for shielding children from Reds’ lies, says the VP

Sara Duterte, vice president and secretary of education, hailed on Friday a cooperative effort between the military and the Aurora province’s Schools Division Office (SDO) to disseminate information on efforts to prevent CPP-NPA recruitment and infiltration among students in the region.

In a statement, Duterte stressed that educating young people about local armed struggle is an important first step in preventing them from being misled and recruited by terrorists and communists.

The letter of understanding (MOA) between SDO Aurora and the 91st Infantry Battalion (91IB) of the Philippine Army should be viewed as an illustration of a “whole-of-nation” strategy against armed conflict, according to the education head.

The agreement aims to have discussions about the topic with students in Grades 9 and 10, as well as senior high school students.

Duterte pointed out that they anticipate the information effort to be successful while also being gender-sensitive.

We are confident that our schools and their collaborators will successfully carry out the information campaign while upholding the Department’s rules on, among other things, gender sensitivity, safety, and peacebuilding.

Lt. Col. Julito Recto Jr., commander of 91IB, who earlier signed the agreement with Dr. Catalina Paez, administrator of SDO Aurora, stated that they would make sure to employ a kid-friendly incentive when delivering the message to raise awareness about communist rebel recruitment efforts.

“It is part of the DepEd’s aim to produce Filipinos who deeply love their nation and whose values and competencies enable them to fulfill their full potential and meaningfully contribute to the nation’s growth,” he said.

Paez also shared how happy she was to have partnered with the Philippine Army.

The agreement was signed on August 30 before the nation observed National Peace Awareness Month in September and World Peace Day on September 21.

According to Proclamation No. 675, which former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed in 2004, the nation honors peace consciousness with the goal of increasing general knowledge among Filipinos, eliminating violence, and upholding their rights, freedom, understanding, and feeling of community.

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