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Combined authorities under a parliamentary system are advantageous to PH: Solon

During the second half of the hybrid hearing of the Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes on Friday, Senate Minority Leader Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III stated that the Philippines would benefit from switching to a parliamentary system of government.

He noted that a parliamentary system combines the legislative and executive branches, in contrast to a presidential system where the executive branch executes laws passed by Congress.

According to Pimentel, “under a parliamentary form of government, the parliament decides the makeup of the executive branch, and its duty is to carry out legislation and programs approved by the legislature. “Perhaps now is the ideal time, especially given how quickly science, technology, and even economic theories and regulations are developing. Therefore, if we go to a parliamentary type of government, perhaps we can respond more rapidly.

Francis Tolentino, a senator, concurred that a government should undergo regular transitions.

Tolentino added, “I hope the discussion will be pushed to a level above partisan politics and even a dialogue that should include the grassroots level.”

If reform is to be pursued, according to National Security Advisor Clarita Carlos, it should not be done by piecemeal changes because that would be a waste of time.

“The Constitution is being changed because we desire structural change. Because we want behavioral change, we want structural change,” Carlos stated.

According to her, a parliamentary system would also provide an opportunity to remove officials who cannot participate in talks.

Because every member of the parliament will be held accountable for what he or she has done or not done during question period, she added. “What have you done in agriculture? What have you done in health services? And so forth.”

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As he voiced disappointment over the absence of several visitors, committee chair Senator Robinhood Padilla said a switch to parliamentary form would force government officials to attend Senate hearings personally.

I’m a pantay of kapangyarihan. As soon as the taga-executive is inimbita, we will be able to help you. In light of the fact that we are co-equal, it is true that this bagay is not an equal bagay. We expect the executive department’s representatives to attend when we invite them. Because it is the Constitution, this cannot be overturned,” Padilla argued at the beginning of the session.

He added that a parliamentary system would prevent an absence of coordination between the legislative and executive branches.


Both Alfonso Cusi and Raphael Lotilla, the secretary of the Department of Energy (DOE), skipped the session.

Lotilla informed the committee in writing that he would submit the committee’s reply to Resolution of Both Houses 1 about the DOE’s mission.

Rep. Aurelio Gonzales Jr. of the Pampanga 3rd District introduced the bill on July 1 and suggested that the President and Vice President’s tenure be reduced from the existing six years without reelection to five years with one reelection.

In addition, the resolution proposed to change the three-year tenure of elected local officials (with the exception of village officials) to five years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The resolution requests that a Constituent Assembly be called by the Senate and the House of Representatives.

According to Padilla, all interested parties should be concerned about a sensitive subject like the constitution.

“Gusto natin bumalanse at pag-parliamentary na lang tayo kung ganyan ang naabutan natin dito. There isn’t any parliamentary procedure here for you to engage in harap-harapan. To me, that is a taguan hirap. I want to make sure our hearings are balanced, so I won’t be present today. To prevent concealing, we might as well go to parliamentary. I don’t usually hide,” he remarked.

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