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For the mandate of information dissemination, OPS needs sufficient financing.

The Office of the Press Secretary (OPS) requires sufficient resources to guarantee the prompt delivery of important information, carry out its mandate to design and implement the Office of the President’s information systems and keep good relations with the media and other stakeholders.

Trixie Cruz-Angeles, the agency’s press secretary, also pleaded with Congress to support attached organizations Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) and APO Production Unit and increase funding for People’s Television Network during her presentation at the House appropriations committee hearing on the proposed 2023 budget on Friday (PTV).

Stella Luz Quimbo, a representative for Marikina City, committed to providing the OPS with enough cash.

Quimbo claimed that the OPS disseminates the executive’s significant actions that impact people’s daily life, particularly in response to natural disasters.

“By doing so, OPS helps reassure the public that the government is attending to their most pressing needs, na merong gobyernong kumakalinga sa kanila lalo na sa panahon ng taghirap,” said Quimbo, the committee senior vice chair and sponsor of the agency’s budget.

In order for the agency to successfully communicate important information to all 100 million Filipinos throughout the nation, she continued, “Congress must assess the agency’s plans and activities and work toward ensuring an acceptable amount of funding.”

According to Cruz-Angeles, the OPS proper’s overall budget for the 2023 National Expenditure Program is PHP473.1 million.

Personnel services would receive PHP 192.5 million of the total, maintenance and other operating expenditures (MOOE) would receive PHP 275.5 million, and capital outlay would receive PHP 5 million.

While PHP748.3 million was allotted for its various affiliated corporations and agencies.

Like IBC and APO, which are permitted to solicit and accept printing projects with other agencies or corporations owned or controlled by the government, all linked agencies and corporations have zero budget for their capital outlay.

She pleaded with the committee members to give IBC more money so that the network wouldn’t be shut down by January.

“There was a coming calling. We have a little appeal. If the IBC isn’t fixed by January, our workers will be laid off and our business will be shut down. The IBC’s employees would lose their jobs and it would stop operating by January if we didn’t fund it), “She spoke.

She also emphasized the lack of funding for PTV’s broadcast network employees’ pay and human services.

“We requested a MOOE of PHP240 million so that we may increase the pay of our PTV employees, but we were only awarded PHP125 million,” Cruz-Angeles said. “Humihingi kami ng MOOE na PHP240 million para maangat nang konti ‘yung antas ng suweldo ng aming mga worker sa PTV.”

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