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Pigeon raising and flying are prohibited at Laoag Airport.

In order to prevent the growing and flying of pigeons that could endanger public safety if they unintentionally collide with airplanes, the Laoag International Airport (LIA) is looking to local government entities in the area of its fly zone for assistance.

Pigeons are one of the greatest risks to airplanes, according to Civil Aviation Area Manager Ronald V. Estabillo of the LIA on Tuesday, and this needs to be addressed as the Laoag airport continues to modernize its infrastructure to accommodate larger aircraft.

“Bird strikes have been documented in the past, and for the protection of passengers and crew members during air travel, we wish to prevent similar accidents again in the future,” he said.

Estabillo claimed that a number of airports have attempted to use technology to scare away pigeons by utilizing loudspeakers that broadcast sounds of owls and other predators but have not had much success.

In light of this, a wildlife hazard management committee made up of representatives from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Philippine Airlines Express, Aviationlink Asia, the City of Laoag, and the municipalities of Bacarra, San Nicolas, and Paoay will be established to take the necessary actions in implementing the Wildlife Hazard Management Plan for the airport.

Guidelines for implementing wildlife hazard management at airports and aerodrome operators are provided in CAAP Advisory Circular 139-05A, which forms the basis for creating the Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.

The group will get together on Thursday to discuss the problem and develop targeted solutions and bird strike prevention techniques.

To prevent collisions between aircraft and birds during landing, one of the suggested solutions is for the concerned local government units around the airport to establish an ordinance banning the growing and flying of certain bird species in the area around the airport.

Additionally, local government entities are advised to ensure that current dumpsites are managed properly and to forbid the creation of a new sanitary landfill within a 13-kilometer radius of the airport.

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